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Due to the adverse weather and road conditions the school will be closed to all students again, (February the 11th) please access the remote learning from home as usual.

We will assess the situation and inform you tomorrow if we will be open, we are sorry for any inconvenience.





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Melting Snowman Science Experiment

In the last week of Term 3, Big Acorns had lots of fun learning outside in the snow. Some children made fantastic snow sculptures to finish off our topic on “Architecture and Sculptures” in Art and in Science we made volcanoes in the snow using baking soda, washing up liquid, vinegar and food colouring. Also in Science we made snowmen in glass jars and observed the snow over time to see how quickly it melted. We then recorded our results in a table. In Maths we have been learning how to measure length and height in cm, so we used our new skills to measure the snow in the glass jar every 10 minutes. 


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