Phonics in the sunshine!







We have been learning all about different shapes and lines of symmetry.









Habitat Hunt

We went hunting for habitats around our school!













We have been trying to grow cress. When the cress grows it will long and wild hair for our crazy cress heads!

We’re trying to save the world!


We are trying to help to save the world in Big Acorns! We have written and typed letters to Mr Green asking him for his help. We think we should have more bins in school so we can recycle everything, and we also think that sometimes we should walk or bike to school instead of drive to help with the pollution problem.

Cross country star!

Our Year 1 and 2 children took part in a mini cross country competition at Spring Grove School on Monday, and we’re delighted to let you know that Rory came 2nd place in the Year 1 boys’ race!  This is an amazing achievement.  We’re proud of you, Rory!

Fine Motor Skills








Maths Fun!

We were set the challenge to make a chair and table out of cubes!











Explore Learning came to see us!

We had lots of maths fun with Explore Learning. We were pirates learning about position and direction.