Repeated patterns in the sun

Year 1 enjoyed the sunshine!










Our world

We have been learning about India.

A Friday afternoon

Little Acorns buddy up with Big Acorns for a ‘Finding Out’ session on Friday afternoons and it is a pleasure to observe as it provides plenty of opportunities for social and emotional development for all of the children as well as communication and language. This week they have been exploring the dentist surgery, the dining room, the mud kitchen and a fantastic new castle that was kindly donated to us. We had some great conversations in the dental surgery as they booked people in for their appointments and the children had lots of dental advice to give, especially how important it is to brush your teeth. Over in the mud kitchen they were cooking up a ‘delicious’ buffet. Not forgetting a quick round of Duck, Duck, Goose and the creation of a beautiful piece of artwork using paint, fruits, vegetables and hands! They were certainly kept busy!

Phonics in the sunshine!







We have been learning all about different shapes and lines of symmetry.









Habitat Hunt

We went hunting for habitats around our school!













We have been trying to grow cress. When the cress grows it will long and wild hair for our crazy cress heads!

We’re trying to save the world!


We are trying to help to save the world in Big Acorns! We have written and typed letters to Mr Green asking him for his help. We think we should have more bins in school so we can recycle everything, and we also think that sometimes we should walk or bike to school instead of drive to help with the pollution problem.