Gardening in Big Acorns

The children in Big Acorns class have been doing some gardening this week.

Skyline artwork

Year 2 love art!  They have created a huge skyline as a whole class using pastels. It is on display in school near the reception area, and is beautiful.

Food tasting

Our Year 2 pupils tried different fruits and made African yoghurt this week.


Our World

Big Acorns children have produced some wonderful display work on our world, from Ashford to Australia.

Big Acorns sharing assembly

The children in Big Acorns class surprised Mr Rumbold and Mrs Brown with an assembly to show their appreciation of Forest School. 

By the end of the academic year, each year group in the school will have had the opportunity to experience the magic of Forest School.  We are very fortunate to be able to make use of local woods, as well as having our own dedicated area at the top of our school field.  The children seem to relish the chance to be outside taking part in activities that they may not otherwise get the opportunity to experience, come rain or shine!

Art in the sunshine

Year 2 have been making the most of the lovely weather when it’s been here! In art they have been looking at texture. Here they are painting tree trunks, really focusing on the different colours and textures, and trying to recreate them.


Animals and habitats

In science Big Acorns have been learning about animals and their habitats. They learnt about birds and their nests, and even got to touch real bird nests.

Cross country

Our Year 1 and 2 children joined in the cross country race at Spring Grove School this week. There were lots of children, so it was a great opportunity to mix with others. All of our children worked extremely hard and they all finished their race. We’re also proud to say that we won a medal:  Erin in Year 2 came third in the girls’ cross country! Well done Erin and all of the children!