Our Key Stage 1 children had Lego as their topic last term, culminating in a very exciting trip to LEGOLAND.


Here are some of last year’s Big Acorns children enjoying making a delicious dessert.

Gardening at Brook

We are very fortunate to have lots of green space and beautiful school grounds, and our pupils have been making the most of it by doing some gardening.  We are also very lucky to have a volunteer who is coming in this term to help maintain our garden space, and we would like to express our gratitude to her.

Lunch times at Brook

Big Acorns class children have written this poem to show how much they enjoy lunch times at our school.


Lunch at Brook School,

Always happens in the hall,

Jacket potato you are great,

You are my best mate,

Sandwiches with cucumber and cheese,

Don’t forget to say please!

We love jelly,

In our belly,

We have the best dinner lady,

She makes the best gravy!

Gardening in Big Acorns

The children in Big Acorns class have been doing some gardening this week.

Skyline artwork

Year 2 love art!  They have created a huge skyline as a whole class using pastels. It is on display in school near the reception area, and is beautiful.

Food tasting

Our Year 2 pupils tried different fruits and made African yoghurt this week.


Our World

Big Acorns children have produced some wonderful display work on our world, from Ashford to Australia.