Halloween fun!

On Friday, Big Acorns enjoyed having a Halloween party to celebrate Annie’s birthday. We dressed up in spooky costumes, played party games and had lots of yummy food! Annie said it was the best day ever!!! What a great way to end the term. Happy Halloween everyone!

Venn Diagrams

In Computing last week we have learnt about Venn Diagrams. First, we sorted the shapes on the carpet into two hoops. We put red shapes in one hoop, shapes with 4 sides in another hoop and 4-sided red shapes in the middle. Then we completed a sorting game on PurpleMash, dragging shapes to the correct part of a Venn Diagram.


In Science this week, Big Acorns have been learning about invertebrates. We found information on the internet and in books and then we went on the field to find some insects. We looked at the types of places we found them such as under logs and stones, in long grass, on leaves and on flowers. 

Beegu’s visit to Brook

On Thursday Big Acorns and Saplings class had a surprise visit from Beegu and we were very excited to ask her lots of questions about her home planet. We found out that her favourite food is red sparkly jelly and that her water is green. We told Beegu that we would be fixing her spaceship for her so that she could get home to her family soon! 

Using our senses

In Big Acorns this week we have been learning about how our senses help us to understand the world around us. We then used our sense of hearing to listen to different sounds on the computer and we tried to guess what they were. We enjoyed tasting fruit pastilles and guessing the flavour of different crisps by smelling them. 

UFO crash-landing on Brook field

Last week something very strange crash-landed in our field. We took out clipboards and magnifying glasses to explore the area and we found lots of things including a space ship, footprints, a fuel bottle and a space helmet. We think it might belong to a little alien called Beegu who might have crashed on our planet. We read the first few pages of Beegu’s story and then we wrote speech bubbles to translate what she might be saying to the rabbits and trees.