Godinton House

On 17th May Little Acorns and Big Acorns visited Godinton House. We had a tour of the grounds, looked at the different flowers that grew around the gardens, visited the fruit and vegetable allotment and even had time for some pond-dipping. Then we had a picnic and played in the Forest school area before returning to school. What a fun day!

Big Acorns- Afternoon Tea Party!

This term, we have been learning about Kings and Queens. We have also been reading ‘Halibut Jackson’; a book about a character who overcomes shyness and attends the Queen’s garden party. The children have also been learning about the Jubilee.

To celebrate the end of this term, we had an afternoon tea party where we enjoyed delicious scones with jam and cream and much more!

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Big Acorns the Architects!

This term in Art we have been learning about architecture and finding out who architects are. We have also been exploring different features of buildings and finding out what their purpose is. 

Without looking at any pictures or maps, Big Acorns were asked to draw what they think the school building looks like. After, we took a walk to look at our school building and sketched the school again. We were surprised just how many features we had missed when we drew the school for the first time!

Big Acorns – Science Learning

This term, Big Acorns have been busy grouping animals by what they eat. We sorted our animals into three groups: carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We then made a meal for each group of animals to enjoy, depending on what they eat. The children had lots of fun with this activity and are really enjoying our animals topic!

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Big Acorns- Beegu Learning

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This term, Big Acorns have been learning about a yellow alien called Beegu, who crashed on Earth and needed our help finding her way home! Beegu herself came to visit us at school and answered all our questions about her planet. We found out that she loves jelly and we were shocked to learn that aliens like toothpaste in their sandwiches! We made a space rocket to help Beegu return home.

The children received a letter from Beegu, asking them to make some space jelly sandwiches for her birthday party. After making our unusual sandwiches, we had a go at writing instructions so Beegu knew how to make them too. 

The children had lots of fun with their book this term, they were very engaged and excited to learn more about their new alien friend!

Exploring Pumpkins!

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This week, Big Acorns have been exploring the 5 different pumpkins from our class pumpkin patch! The children used a magnifying glass to inspect the pumpkins and noticed the different colours, sizes and patterns. We made predictions on what the inside of each one would look like, before opening them up and exploring them for ourselves! The children enjoyed searching for the seeds and comparing them. They even insisted on planting the pumpkin seeds in our own garden area!  

Big Acorns – Outdoor Maths Learning

This week, Big Acorns have been using the part-whole model. The children loved collecting and using natural resources to represent their numbers. We even used ourselves to show the numbers too! The children found the whole by counting on from the given numeral. We also found lots of different ways to partition the whole number. 

Well done Big Acorns!

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Science walk

In Science this term Big Acorns are learning about plants. On Monday we went for a walk down to Brook village and looked for different types of flowers. We used an App to take photos and identify flowers we weren’t sure of and then made a list of all the plants we found. We even had time for a bit of fun at the park!