Science walk

In Science this term Big Acorns are learning about plants. On Monday we went for a walk down to Brook village and looked for different types of flowers. We used an App to take photos and identify flowers we weren’t sure of and then made a list of all the plants we found. We even had time for a bit of fun at the park!

Melting Snowman Science Experiment

In the last week of Term 3, Big Acorns had lots of fun learning outside in the snow. Some children made fantastic snow sculptures to finish off our topic on “Architecture and Sculptures” in Art and in Science we made volcanoes in the snow using baking soda, washing up liquid, vinegar and food colouring. Also in Science we made snowmen in glass jars and observed the snow over time to see how quickly it melted. We then recorded our results in a table. In Maths we have been learning how to measure length and height in cm, so we used our new skills to measure the snow in the glass jar every 10 minutes. 


Oi! Get off our Train

Last week Big Acorns continued to think about ways that we can help our world. In English we read a book called “Oi! Get off our Train” by John Burningham and then we used the WWF website to find other animals that are endangered. We then chose animals to draw in our Home Learning Books and wrote speech bubbles starting “Please let me come with you on your train” and then explaining why they are becoming endangered. 

At the end of the week we also found out about how to look after birds, especially during the cold weather. We researched different birds on the RSPB website and then followed a recipe to make bird cakes. We put them up in our gardens and then looked for different types of birds to come and eat the cakes. Archie also made a fantastic owl using apples. 

Conserving energy/water posters

In English this term, Big Acorns have been reading “10 things I can do to help my world” by Melanie Walsh. We have practised performing the text to an audience and  we have written some research questions on things we want to find out. Then we made posters to teach others about how we can help our world by conserving energy and water. Here are some of the posters the children made at home:

Designing our own architecture

In Art, Big Acorns have been learning about architecture and sculptures. We have looked at different buildings and discussed the features of some of them such as domes, pillars, spires, arches and chimneys. We then planned and designed our own buildings. Some of them included an Indian themed tiger zoo enclosure, a pet play place and an athletic play centre. One of the children even made a fantastic model of the Eiffel Tower using Lego. 

Architecture and Sculptures

In Art this term, Big Acorns will be learning about Architecture and Sculptures. Last week we started to think about what an architect does and we looked at some important UK buildings such as Westminster Abbey and The Palace of Westminster. The children then used the internet to research and find a building that they really liked. They then sketched their chosen building. Here are some examples of the architecture they sketched. The first picture is of the Houses of Parliament. The 3 pictures together are Buckingham Palace, the second is Godmersham House and the third is The Coliseum. 


Properties of different materials

In Science this term, Big Acorns are going to be learning about Materials.
Last week they went on a hunt around their homes to see if they could find objects that are made from different materials, e.g. Wool, Plastic, Rubber, Brick, Stone, Fabric, Wood, Leather, Metal, Paper.
Then they grouped them with other objects of the same material and recorded them in a table. 


In Geography, Big Acorns have been learning the names of the continents and oceans. Last week we found the North Pole and South Pole on a world map and then found out some interesting facts about Antarctica using the internet, such as what animals and plants can be found there. Finally, children were given a choice between making icebergs using frozen water balloons, making fake snow or making a penguin.