Chinese Restaurant Trip

Little Acorns went to a Chinese Restaurant in Folkestone on Thursday to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We had prawn crackers, noodles, egg rice, chicken balls and ice cream. The children even tried eating it with chopsticks! It was delicious!

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Building Bridges

Little Acorns have been learning about “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” this week. We have looked at different types of bridges and what materials they are made from. We then used various construction toys to build our own bridges. 

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Gingerbread Men

Little Acorns are learning about Traditional Tales from around the world this term, starting with The Gingerbread Man. We designed our own gingerbread men using collage materials and in Maths we ordered the gingerbread men from 1-20. On Friday we baked some gingerbread men and they tasted delicious! Luckily none of them ran away when we got them out of the oven!