Magnificent Minibeasts!

This term we have had lots of fun learning about Magnificent Minibeasts. We have found out information from the internet and non-fiction books and we even wrote our own non-fiction books on minibeasts in Literacy. We have made pictures of snails similar to Henri Matisse, made butterfly life cycle collages using pasta, twigs and leaves, painted spider webs using oil pastels and water colours, made honey sandwiches and made different minibeasts using salt dough.   Last week we went on a trip to Wingham Wildlife Park with Big Acorns where we had a talk about minibeasts and we enjoyed walking around the Bug Garden. Then, last Friday, we all dressed up and had an “Ugly Bug Ball”. What a busy term!

Godinton House

On 17th May Little Acorns and Big Acorns visited Godinton House. We had a tour of the grounds, looked at the different flowers that grew around the gardens, visited the fruit and vegetable allotment and even had time for some pond-dipping. Then we had a picnic and played in the Forest school area before returning to school. What a fun day!

Growing and Changing

As part of our topic on “Growing and Changing” we have been looking at plants. First we read “Errol’s Garden” and planted some tomatoes and peppers in our garden. Then we read some non-fiction books about plants, labelled parts of a sunflower and planted our own sunflower seeds.  In Literacy, we wrote instructions on how to plant sunflowers and what they need to grow. We even made some sunflower collages with our Year 5 buddies!

Later in the week we read “How to be a cress barber” and we followed the instructions in the book to plant our own “cress heads”.

Dover Transport Museum

This term Little Acorns have been learning about journeys and transport. We ended our topic with a trip to the Dover Transport Museum last Friday where we saw lots of old cars, bicycles, motorbikes, buses, coaches, taxis, fire engines etc. We even got to sit in an open-top coach and in an old steam engine! We have followed up on our visit this week by looking at photos of things we saw at the museum and comparing similarities and differences to modern transport.

Number Bonds to 10

This week in Maths we explored Number Bonds to 10. First we set up a train with 10 seats and worked how many children were on the train and how many empty seats we had. Then we dropped 10 double-sided counters onto a paper plate and worked out how many red and blue counters there were each time. We will finish off the week by using Numicon to work out Number Bonds to 10, writing the pairs of numbers in Part-Whole Models and then writing some addition number sentences.

Our Trip to Brook Agricultural Museum

Before half term we read “The Little Red Hen” as part of our topic on Traditional Tales. On Tuesday we walked down to the Agricultural Museum in Brook to find out how flour was made from wheat. We scattered some seeds and looked at the different machinery used to harvest the crops. We found out about how the horses (with the help of a special machine) ground the wheat into flour. We also sat on the scales used to measure the weight of sacks of flour. Then, back in class we followed a recipe to make our own bread but, unlike the lazy animals in our story, everyone was willing to help!

Chinese New Year

Last week, Little Acorns and Big Acorns celebrated Chinese New Year by visiting a Chinese Restaurant for lunch. We tried seaweed, noodles, egg rice, chicken sweet and sour, lemon chicken and spring rolls. we even had a go at eating with chopsticks! The children behaved really sensibly at the restaurant and we had positive comments from the staff and other customers. Mrs Thompson and Miss Sharp were very proud of them.

Jack and the Beanstalk

This week in Little Acorns we read “Jack and the Beanstalk” as part of our Traditional Tales focus. We compared different versions and acted out the story in the Forest School. We also explored different types of beans such as Pinto Beans, Kidney Beans and Cannellini Beans, comparing the colours and smells using our senses. Then we used the beans to make shakers and played along to our Jack and the Beanstalk song.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Who is trip-trapping over my bridge? It is the children in Little Acorns, role-playing our Traditional Tale this week of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We acted out the story on the bridge in the field, using all the repeated phrases in the story. We also looked at different bridges around the world and built our own bridges using sticks and Lego. In Literacy we drew and labelled Trolls and then wrote sentences to describe what the Troll looked like.


Little Red Riding Hood

Last week, Little Acorns read the story of Little Red Riding Hood as part of our topic on Traditional Tales. We talked about the characters and setting of the story and compared different versions. Then we went outside to act out the story using phrases such as “Grandma what big eyes you have!” and “all the better to see with you my dear!”.