Little Acorns have been reading “Stickman” this week. We made up new adventures for Stickman and drew story maps for our new story. Then we went on the field to collect lots of sticks of different shapes and sizes. We used our sticks to make Stickman and his Stick Lady Love.

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Halloween fun!

There were some spooky things happening in Little Acorns last week. We read “Room on the broom” and wrote magic spells like the one in the story. We also carved a pumpkin for our Halloween role-play area and, on Friday, we dressed up in Halloween costumes for our disco.

Making smoothies

On Friday, Little Acorns made healthy smoothies. We made a list of ingredients together and discussed which ingredients would be healthy to put in our smoothie. We used strawberries, raspberries, mangoes, blueberries, apples, bananas and orange juice. We thought the smoothies tasted yummy and Mr Green even came across to taste it!

Our Senses

This week Little Acorns have been learning about our senses. We have tasted different fruits, we matched different smells to their pictures, we had a go at completing an obstacle course blindfolded, we listened to different instruments and we touched different materials and textures. We also went on the field to make smelly pots with Mr Rumbold and we used our senses in the Outside Area to look, listen, touch and smell different things.

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Our Pets

Last week Little Acorns were learning about Pets. We read “The Great Pet Sale” in Literacy, drew pictures of our favourite pets and made a Pictogram of our pets in Maths. We also had 4 pets come to visit us during the week and we found out lots of things about looking after guinea pigs, tortoises and puppies.