Repeating Patterns

This week in Maths, Little Acorns have been learning all about repeating patterns. First, we examined and described patterns in nature. We then began practising making repeating patterns using resources, such as cubes, compare bears and Duplo. On Wednesday, we experimented with fruit and made our very own fruit and marshmallow repeating patterns! They looked great but tasted even better 😊

The Colour Monster

This week we have been learning all about emotions. On Tuesday we read ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas. Today we spent the afternoon talking about emotions and colours. After reading ‘The Colour Monster’, we think yellow represents happiness, red represents anger, green represents calmness and blue represents sadness. The children were split into four groups and examined how our faces change depending on how we are feeling. After, they used lots of different collage and creative materials to create a face which represented a colour and an emotion. Take a look at the photos of their beautiful creations!


This week we have been thinking about our bodies. We read “Funny Bones” by Allan and Janet Ahlberg and looked at different types of skeletons. Today, Little Acorns have been busy working in teams to put their skeletons back together. First, we spoke about the different types of bones in our bodies and examined a model skeleton. Then, the children were split into three groups and had to decide as a team which member would be drawn around, in order to create an outline of a body. After, they had five minutes to try and put the bones in the right places. I think they all did a great job and I am so pleased with how well they worked within their teams – well done Little Acorns!

Shape Hunt

This week in Maths, Little Acorns have been learning about 2D (flat) shapes. On Wednesday they went on a shape hunt to find different shapes around the school and outdoor area. They found lots of circles, squares and rectangles but only a few triangles. During choosing some of the children used sticks to recreate different shapes.

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Dandy the Tortoise

On Monday, Little Acorns had a special visitor come in to school. He had four scaly legs, long claws, two eyes, a tail, a beak and a hard shell. Dandy the tortoise came to visit! Little Acorns spent the afternoon learning about how to look after tortoises. They took turns to feed, shower and scrub Dandy. During choosing time, some of the children made their own pet tortoises using a paper plate, tissue paper, googly eyes and lots of glue. Little Acorns enjoyed meeting Dandy, and Dandy had a lovely day out.


Over the last two weeks Little Acorns have been learning about measuring. We have used out footprints to measure length, we have made towers of cubes to measure height, we used scales to compare weight of objects and we measured capacity of different containers using ladles of different sizes.