Swinging in the trees

Year R and 1 children had a lovely time at Forest School yesterday.  Mr Rumbold has helped them set up a swing in the trees, with a small disc for them to sit on.  Instead of being pushed, Mr Rumbold pulls a rope in a sort of pulley-style, to help them swing as high as they request (which for some of them was very high!).  The children also built some impressive dens and enjoyed climbing trees.

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Godinton House

Little Acorns had a lovely time visiting Godinton House this week. We had a walk around the gardens and looked at all the plants. We found out how bumblebees pollinate the flowers and we learned the different parts of a buttercup. We even found some pond skaters and newts in the pond.

Growing sunflowers

Little Acorns have been learning about growing and changing this term and we have looked at the life cycles of oak trees and sunflowers. Last week we planted some sunflowers in our new gardening area with the help of Sharon, our volunteer gardener. We talked about what the plants need in order to grow and we learnt about the different parts of a plant.