Forest School

Little Acorns were super busy having lots of fun at Forest School on Wednesday. They made mud faces using mud, sticks and leaves – they looked amazing! The children also played around the Forest school area, they used sticks to mix potions, hid in dens and dug up lots of mud!



As part of our learning on Growing and Changing, last week in Little Acorns we have been learning all about the life cycle of a frog. The children were amazed to see how much our frogspawn had grown since the beginning of April. On Tuesday, the children found out about the perfect environment for frogspawn. They used sticks, rocks, lily pads and pond water to recreate an environment fit for frogs of all stages. They added frogs and some frogspawn (chia seeds) to the pond. The children were able to feel the jelly-like, slimy frog eggs. Throughout the week some of the children painted wonderful pictures of frogs and made life-cycle headbands. They also practised drawing and writing their very own life-cycle independently in their Literacy books. We can’t wait to watch our tadpoles grow into froglets and then become frogs.     


Little Acorns – Easter Fun!

We have all had lots of fun over the last few days of term celebrating Easter. The children have engaged in lots of Easter themed activities. On Monday some of the children made adorable chicks using a range of craft materials. On Tuesday we decided to enjoy the sun and decorate Easter Eggs using nature. The children explored the back of the field and collected natural resources to decorate their eggs. The lambs were very noisy and caught our attention so we couldn’t help but stop to admire their cuteness! On Wednesday, we carried out our Maths lesson as normal. Whilst going through the PowerPoint we came across a message from the Easter bunny asking us to stop our Maths and decorate eggs for him to collect for our Easter Egg hunt on Thursday. As you can imagine, the children were very reluctant to stop their Maths lesson following the Easter bunny’s command! We have all enjoyed our last day playing party games, having an Easter Egg hunt, parading our Easter bonnets and eating lots of yummy treats. The Easter bonnets looked amazing, the children clearly put a lot of effort into them, in fact it was too difficult to choose a winner so we picked a name out of a hat. 


Planting Practice

Next term Little Acorns begin their learning on Growing and Changing, they will learn all about humans, animals and plants! In preparation, the children practised planting (yummy) seeds. First, the children made their very own soil, they mixed together eggs, water and chocolate cake mix! Whilst they waited patiently for their soil to cook, they watched Michael Rosen’s poem “Chocolate Cake”. After lunch the soil was ready, the children each added 4 spoonfuls of soil, seeds of their choice (raisins, rainbow drops and marshmallows), covered their seeds with even more soil and then watered their seeds (with chocolate and strawberry sauce!) I wonder if the ‘seeds’ will have a chance to grow?


Mrs Fisher’s Babies

Little Acorns had an unexpected but very exciting delivery left in their classroom. Along with the mystery delivery, a note was left too. The note, from Mrs Fisher (a pregnant frog), asked the children to take care of her babies until they were old enough to go back to her pond. Mrs Fisher said she was worried about birds mistaking her eggs as food! The children happily agreed to help Mrs Fisher and followed her instructions to prepare the tank for her babies. The children laid a handful of gravel at the bottom of the tank and collected fresh pond water from the school pond. The next day Miss Philpott brought in Mrs Fisher’s babies. Once Mrs Fisher’s babies had climatised, they were added to their new, temporary home. It was a surprise to see how different Mrs Fisher’s babies looked compared to her! We can’t wait to watch them grow and change from frogs spawn, to tadpoles, to froglets and lastly to frogs. 

Our First Music Lesson

This term Little Acorns began Music lessons on a fortnightly basis. The children enjoyed singing different songs and were introduced to a range of musical instruments (shakers, tambourines, bells, symbols and drums). As a class, we also discussed how we can use our body to create different sounds. As well as using our voices, our hands can make lots of noises! We can clap, tap, rub, scratch, click our fingers and tap our nails. During Choosing, some of the children decided to explore the musical instruments independently and others explored electronic sounds on Andy’s Safari Sounds.  

A visit from a Nurse

Little Acorns had a lovely visit from a nurse, Mrs Philpott. She came in and told us all about the NHS and the Superheroes who work within the NHS. The children were given the chance to ask the nurse questions about her job role. I was really impressed with their questioning, some of the children asked “how do you do blood tests?” and “how do you put bandages on?”. After, the children were shown how to use a stethoscope and how to apply bandages. The visit finished with a carousel of activities and the children were able to have a go at listening to each other’s heart beats and bandage a friend’s arm or leg. The children were really excited to play tricks on their grown ups at home time!



On Monday, Little Acorns had a fun PE lesson on agility. They practised a range of skills, such as: running, throwing, aiming, jumping and balancing. It was lovely to see each group work in a team by supporting and cheering on their team mates!