Easter fun!

What a busy last week at school Little Acorns have had! On Monday we went for our Prayer Walk at Brook Church, on Tuesday we made yummy Easter chocolate nests and on Thursday we all had hot cross buns for snack time. We have also been busy making Easter cards this week and we finished off the term with an Open Afternoon on Friday. Happy Easter everyone!

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Floating and sinking experiment

Last week Little Acorns were reading the story “Who sank the boat?” and we looked at different types of boats on the internet. Children were then given a ball of plasticine and we experimented with how to change the shape of the ball to make it float. We then discussed how big heavy boats can float on water by looking at the shape of them.

Easter Prayer Walk

On Monday, Little Acorns went down to the church in Brook for an Easter Prayer Walk. We listened to lots of stories from the Bible and sang a song. We also made thank you cards to our friends and families, drew pictures on leaves to put on a sycamore tree and made collages of our best friends. Thank you to Reverend Linda, Maureen, Carol and Carol for inviting us down and for preparing some wonderful activities for us. We had a lovely time!

Friction Trains

As part of Science Week, Little Acorns have been investigating the speed of trains over different materials. We put various materials on a ramp, such as bubble wrap, cotton wool, tinfoil etc. and then we explored how fast the train went and how far it went. We found out that the smooth materials made the train go faster and the bumpy materials slowed the train down. We then made posters of our experiment for a Science competition. 

Chinese Restaurant Trip

Little Acorns went to a Chinese Restaurant in Folkestone on Thursday to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We had prawn crackers, noodles, egg rice, chicken balls and ice cream. The children even tried eating it with chopsticks! It was delicious!

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Building Bridges

Little Acorns have been learning about “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” this week. We have looked at different types of bridges and what materials they are made from. We then used various construction toys to build our own bridges. 

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