Over the last two weeks Little Acorns have been learning about measuring. We have used out footprints to measure length, we have made towers of cubes to measure height, we used scales to compare weight of objects and we measured capacity of different containers using ladles of different sizes. 


3D shapes

At school yesterday, Little Acorns revised the names and properties of 3D shapes. Then we put the shapes onto some guttering to see if they would slide down or roll down. We sorted the shapes into those that roll and those that slide. Abigail was then able to explain that the shapes that slide have flat faces whilst the shapes that roll have curved faces. Marton noticed that the cylinder could do both because it has flat and curved faces. Well done everyone!



The Naughty Bus

This term Little Acorns have been learning about “Transport and Journeys” and we started by reading the story “Naughty Bus” and drawing story maps. Then we made up our own adventures for the bus and wrote our new stories in our Literacy Books. We even used junk modelling to make some cars and buses and we added axels and wheels. 

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Year R Forest School

What a jam-packed day our Year R children had at Forest School this week!  The children had their turn on the famous rope swing, which Mr Rumbold operates on a pulley-type system (wearing gloves to avoid rope burn on his hands!). They also had a play on a forest school style seesaw, and used bows and arrows.  One of the children decided that, despite it being the hottest day of the year, they would still like the traditional forest school hot chocolate, which resulted in most of the children wanting to learn how to light a fire.  We hope they all slept well that night!

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Bug Hotel

Little Acorns have been busy making a Bug Hotel in our garden this week. Thank you to all the parents who have brought in logs, bricks, plants, pots, straw etc. It is really starting to look good and the children are enjoying exploring it to find minibeasts. We are going to plant some flowers soon to encourage bees, butterflies and ladybirds.