Gruffalo Crumble

Little Acorns have been having a lot of fun celebrating the end of their ‘Gruffalo’ learning by baking their own (very delicious) Gruffalo Crumble. They carefully followed the recipe, measured, mixed and baked. There was lots of talk about weighing, measuring, baking and how careful you have to be in general in the kitchen when using the hot oven and most importantly how every baking session should start with their hands being washed! Finally, once the classroom was filled with the scrumptious smell of cooked Gruffalo Crumble they all ate some. Most of the children loved it so much they wanted to take some home!


Gruffalo Role Play

Little Acorns have been refining their acting skills by taking on the role of the mouse, snake, fox, owl or Gruffalo and acting out scenes from the story. They were thinking carefully about how to use their facial expressions and changing their body positions to best reflect their character. A few children also remembered to include speech in their performance by using words from the story to enhance their scene. The children were then questioned about how the character might be feeling or what they might be thinking. It was a great activity to see how much they have understood the story and it was clear to see how much they have enjoyed learning about The Gruffalo.





Get Sporty!

Little Acorns certainly burnt off a lot of energy getting sporty with Ezekiel Ewulo on Friday. They all had such a lot of fun doing Spotty Dogs, Press Ups and Star Jumps! When Ezekiel showed them how far he could jump from standing there were gasps of amazement and lots of cheering and clapping. Thank you for coming to our school!




Finding Out Time

In Little Acorns we do lots of learning during our Finding Out Time. This is a time when we get to explore different activities, socialise with our friends, problem solve and work on developing our vocabulary and communication skills plus much much more. We thought you may like to see some of the activities we have been up to this week.









Water Fun

Little Acorns have been exploring capacity this week in Maths. Using water and different sized containers they were using new vocabulary: capacity, empty, nearly empty, half full, nearly full and full. Once the children had filled the containers with different amounts they then had to put them into size order, depending on how full the containers were. Finley the Fish also helped the children to get to grips with the new vocabulary as he needed a new container to go on a trip but wasn’t too sure which container would have a big enough capacity for him to travel in.


The Gruffalo

Little Acorns have been out and about exploring the school’s woodland area. It was just like a scene from our book ‘The Gruffalo’. A perfect opportunity for us to pretend to be the mouse (or the Gruffalo!). They used their sense of sight, touch and hearing to immerse themselves in the woods. Equipped with a clipboard, paper and pencils they used their writing skills to note what they could see and hear. We are very lucky to have such an amazing outdoor environment to help us with our learning!


Gruffalo Characters

Little Acorns have been enhancing their ICT skills using the 2Paint 2Simple software by painting characters from The Gruffalo (which is our new focus book.) All the children showed an improvement in their mouse control skills and have been learning how to change the colours and size of the pen. A couple of children even used the White paint like a rubber to help fix the mistakes they wanted to correct. A few of our Growth Mindset characters made an appearance to help us in this task: Go For It Gorilla, Creative Chameleon and Perservering Parrot. We hope you enjoy looking at our Gruffalo pictures and see if you can guess which characters they are!


Collaborating at Christmas!

This week Little Acorns have had a lot of fun exploring some of the activities on offer and our week has definitely been full of Christmas events! We hope that you enjoyed The Nativity and thank you for supporting our stall at the Christmas Fair. The Father Christmas cake was popular in the raffle! We have all been showing lots of positive learning characteristics and have worked collaboratively with one another in our writing, in the ‘Elves’s Wrapping Station’ and the challenge of opening the frozen balloons in our exploration area.





Christmas Dinner!

Our Christmas dinner was delicious! Thank you Mrs Jenner!










Santa Skyped us!

Santa Skyped the children in Big Acorns and Little Acorns. The children asked Santa questions and sang him a song from their ‘Just a Little Christmas’ nativity. A huge thank you to Primary Technologies!