Wildflowers and butterflies

Mighty Oaks have been looking at evolution and inheritance in science, and took to the outdoors to see how wildflowers have adapted to suit their environment. We identified lots of wildflowers on our field and in our wild area, including teasels, lady’s bedstraw, selfheal and yellow rattle. We also learnt about how some common flowers have evolved defensive measures, including toxins and poisons! As part of our outdoor learning we also took part in a butterfly survey, identifying some common British butterflies and day-flying moths.

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Fossil fun!

Mighty Oaks have continued our work on evolution and inheritance by looking at what the fossil record can tell us about changes to organisms over time. We made our own fossils using clay and plaster, which we then excavated. We looked at Erbenochile Trilobites and the adaptations they evolved over time, including looking at the evolution of the eye. Mr Stanley was not a fan of these creatures!

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Poetry in Mighty Oaks

Mighty Oaks have been looking at different forms of poetry, including Odes, Shakespearean sonnets and nonsense verse. We went outside to write ‘an ode to small joys’ inspired by Keats’ ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’. We have investigated different rhyme schemes and poetic forms and meter and enjoyed being inspired by our beautiful surroundings and the everyday things we have to be thankful for and inspired by.

Work on the roundhouse

Mr Rumbold was delighted to have a few of his merry helpers back to help with the roundhouse development today!  The roof is now over halfway complete, with ten panels completed so far, and another eight to go.  The children have also started to weave the walls.

Chinese New Year Activity Day

Last Friday all the children and adults at Brook celebrated Chinese New Year. Each class took part in a carousel of different activities including painting Chinese dragons and making lucky money envelopes, Chinese fans and dragon shadow puppets. When visiting Little Acorns class, children read the traditional Chinese tale of “The Dragon Painter” and created their own dragons using pencils, water colours, pastels and collage materials.