Christmas Dinner!

Our Christmas dinner was delicious! Thank you Mrs Jenner!










The London Eye

Despite the inclement weather, our Year 5 and 6 children had a fantastic day and experience at The London Eye.  Mighty Oaks class have been reading a fictional book about The London Eye, so it seemed fitting to experience it for themselves.  As an added bonus, the group had time to look around The Tate Modern.

Mighty Oaks newspaper articles

As part of our English learning this term, we have been producing writing for a range of purposes and audiences. All of our writing has been based on our class book, ‘The London Eye Mystery’, a story where a young boy goes missing on a family trip to the London Eye.

We used direct and reported speech to produce newspaper reports on what has happened in the story so far. Please feel free to read some examples of our work below:

Grace Newspaper

Francesca Newspaper

Leo Newspaper

Forest School birthday and holiday fun

On the last Forest School day for our Year 6 pupils last term, it happened to be one of our pupil’s birthdays, and what better way for him to spend it!  His classmates made him various gifts to ensure it will be a birthday that doesn’t get forgotten.

Our Forest School Leader, Mr Rumbold, also ran a Forest School holiday club for the first time this October, and we’re delighted to hear that it was a huge success and very popular.

War in Mighty Oaks!

Mighty Oaks have been learning about World War II this term. They have looked at the chronology of key events, the political and social implications of the war, and have compared/contrasted the effects of war on different communities. As part of their learning they have read “Rose Blanche”, a book about a group of young German citizens who protested against the war.

They’ve produced a very high quality of work, which is on display in their classroom.

A restaurant at Forest School

This week at Forest School the pupils developed their bakery from the previous week, and launched a Forest School restaurant amongst other activities!

“Baking” at Forest School

Amongst other activities, our pupils made a mud bakery at Forest School last week.

Mud, glorious mud!

Our year 6 children had a mudtastic time at Forest School last week! It was a beautiful September day for them to walk to the local woods to which we have exclusive access.