Mighty Oaks conservation efforts help secure future of moth

The Butterfly Conservation Trust (Kent & SE London Branch) reported that the first Black-veined moth larva seen in the UK this century was discovered on the 27th April 2022 at Wye National Nature Reserve.

The black-veined moth is listed by the UK Biodiversity Action Plan as a ‘priority species’. It is a rare and threatened species in the UK, restricted to just 7 sites in Kent which includes the Wye Downs. This year as part of their John Muir Award, Mighty Oaks class worked with the Butterfly Conservation Trust, Natural England and conservationist Lizzie Talbot to carry out conservation and habitat management work at the Wye National Nature Reserve.


The children carried out tree popping to remove blackthorn and other trees and shrubs that were encroaching on the chalk grassland of the downs, which forms the preferred breeding sites of the moth. The children’s conservation efforts allow wildflowers such as Marjoram, Black Knapweed and Birds-foot Trefoil (which the class were equally delighted and disgusted to learn some people call ‘Granny’s toenails’!)


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By carrying out scrub control on the site, the class were able to provide more space for the wildflowers to grow in suitably open conditions on the downs around Brook.


Mighty Oaks class member Elizabeth said,

“The news is overwhelming and makes me feel so proud of our conservation efforts. I am really pleased that we have helped to ensure that the moth will hopefully be around for future generations to enjoy.”


Conservationist Lizzie Talbot praised the children for their efforts, saying,

 “This fantastic news enables us to learn more about the species to help better conserve and support its needs.”


Headteacher Mr Chris Green added,

 “I am so proud of our children for supporting the conservation of our local area and biodiversity.”

Final Bowles update


The children have had an amazing day to round off their residential. Birthday boy Rory and birthday girl Drew were up bright and early to be wished ‘Happy Birthday‘ before we headed off to ‘Harrison’s Rocks’ for exploration and caving.  (Apologies for some muddy knees and trainers!) After lunch, the children all took part in some team building activities and puzzles. There was some great communication, collaboration and creative thinking to find solutions. Everyone has done so well and all of the class have had things to celebrate and moments when they have challenged themselves. Bags and cases are now being loaded onto the coach and we will keep you updated with our estimated arrival back to school!

Bowles Day 2 round up

Mighty Oaks have had a great second day on our residential. The groups have all had a really fun session of skiing on the dry ski slopes. Other activities today included, rock climbing, kayaking and orienteering.

All of the children have challenged themselves and pushed through when they found something tricky. For some children this even included the challenge of working out how to use a dustpan and brush to clean their rooms! 

The children have represented the school very well. The kitchen staff were overheard commenting on how polite the group are! The campfire is now alight and the children are drinking hot chocolate and roasting their marshmallows.

Final activities tomorrow will include a rocks course and team challenge before we set off back to school!

Good morning from Bowles

The children had a fun evening of treasure hunting. After their dinner, the children enjoyed running around the site with torches (their own and ones supplied by the centre) to find clues. They played some team building games after that but by 10pm all children were in their rooms ready for lights out. Mrs Sharp, Mrs Rickards and Mr Stanley settled any children who were feeling a little homesick – with a little bit of the famous Brook nurturing. 

This morning the children will be having their breakfast at 8:30am before heading off to their first activity – skiing or indoor kayaking. We know they will have a great day!

Residential update from Mr Stanley

Mighty Oaks have successfully completed our first activities on our residential trip to the Bowles Centre.

The groups have had a great time doing indoor kayaking, orienteering, rock climbing and ropes courses! Lunch and dinner were great (burgers seemed to be a real hit!) And we are now heading out for our night treasure hunt! Tomorrow we will be skiing!

All the class have been really well behaved and trying all the activities, even when they had to push themselves out of their comfort zones! An extra well done to Nicky, Logan and Tyler for winning the orienteering challenge!

Mighty Oaks make compasses

As part of our learning in Geography, Mighty Oaks have been using compasses to follow and give directions. The children completed orienteering activities using the cardinal and intercardinal points of the compass in our school grounds, and then learnt how to make their own compass by magnetising a needle. They then verified the accuracy of their homemade compasses and discussed the limitations of this basic design.

Teddy Bear Picnic

On Friday, the children in Little Acorns met their new Year 5 Reading Buddies. First, their buddies read them a story in the classroom and started to get to know them. Then they went outside onto the field to eat their picnic and play together.

The Year 5 children have been so caring, looking after the little children during lunchtime play on the field and also helping them to line up at the end of lunch.