National Young Mathematicians

Four children from Mighty Oaks took part in the National Young Mathematicians competition recently, run in collaboration with the NRICH project at the University of Cambridge. They worked incredibly well as a team, applying their reasoning and problem-solving skills to make it through the first round and be invited back for the regional finals. They tackled very tricky maths problems, being praised by the organisers for their methodical working and good written methods. Ultimately, the team missed out on being regional champions (and a place in the national final at Cambridge University) by just one point!

We are very proud of our super mathematicians, and we will carry on training up all our mathematicians for future competitions!

FUNghi at Forest School

The Year 5 children found and identified various types of funghi in the forest this week.  They also had a go at cutting apples into segments, sprinkling them with sugar and cooking them, to produce delicious caramelized apple slices. 

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A ladder and a rocket stove

Year 5 children made their own ladder at Forest School today, using rope and rungs.  The ladder was hung almost horizontally, so once completed the children had to work hard to balance on it as they climbed, so that it wouldn’t flip over.

Mr Rumbold also brought along a rocket stove.  He explained that even today, 50% of the world’s population still cook every day on an open fire, which can cause respiratory and other issues.  For this reason, a man called Dr. Larry Winiarski began developing a rocket stove in 1980.  Rocket stoves emit 70% less smoke and use 60% less fuel than an open fire, so are also much more efficient.

Some den building also took place today.  Finlay explained that he and his friends “made a big den on one tree and it was a big success.  We all balanced sticks together and made rooms.  It even had a door, and we used a coat to make a roof in case it rained.  It was literally amazing!”

Other children used the opportunity to read quietly while sitting in a tree!

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