Monkey bars for Year 3

This week in Forest School, our Year 3 pupils hung the rope ladder between two trees and used it as monkey bars.  The ladder was secured safely to each tree, but only at one point at each end, meaning that they had to use good balancing skills to ensure that it didn’t twist.

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Stunning Stone Age Workshop

As part of Young Oaks’ Stone Age topic this term, the children took part in an interactive workshop on Friday 28th September.

There were lots of exciting activities to get involved in, including: spear throwing; clay modelling and dressing up.

Enjoy the photos of the day below!

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Play areas in Young Oaks

Last week, Year Four children watched a video on how a community improved their local play area.

The Year Four children were very excited to explore how they could plan an interesting play area themselves. They started by drawing plans of the type of equipment they wanted, and where in their park it was going to go. Once their plans were completed with labels and colour, it was time to start crafting. 

The children used a range of materials to complete their plan. Some chose to make it in 2D, while others chose 3D. They all had to use problem-solving skills to overcome technical difficulties, such as making a swing stand up or making a roundabout move. All of the children worked hard and helped each other out.

Some quotes from children and photos are included below:

“I think it was fun, but trying to make the swing stand up was hard, so I bent the ends of the straws and stuck it on with tape.”

“I thought today was really fun and it has given me ideas for the future.”


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