Young Oaks Try Philosophy!

It was Young Oaks’ first go at Philosophy for Children (P4C) this week! P4C is brilliant for developing thinking skills and independence too (it’s 99% child-led). What the children did…

  1. Watched the video starting point below.
  2. Brainstormed what concepts the video was all about. I did not lead / help them at all – they did this all by themselves! (screenshot 1)
  3. Blind voted for the most interesting concept to talk about more, also by themselves. 
  4. Discovered the idea of ‘big juicy questions’ and looked at examples (screenshot 2).
  5. Wrote their own ‘big juicy questions’ about their chosen concept – again, by themselves! Aren’t their questions impressive? (screenshot 3)

Next week: juicy debate time!

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Cricket success!

What a brilliant achievement from Team Brook this week, coming 2nd out of twelve teams in a rapid fire cricket competition!  Mrs Sharp accompanied the team, and provided the following report:


“I was so impressed with how they pulled together as a team, and really showed that hard work and determination pays off.  Each and every one them gave it their all, and I couldn’t be prouder.  To stand there cheering them on throughout the game was a privilege in itself, but to then tell them they were in the semi-finals was such a special moment: they were so excited.


After winning the semi-final by 8 runs I then had the absolute pleasure of announcing that we were through to the final!  It was set up in such a way that all schools could watch.


Team Brook, although a little nervous, did me and themselves proud again and gave the final everything they had, but it just wasn’t meant to be and we ended up in 2nd place out of twelve teams!”


A parent who attended said, “Just wanted to pass on what a joy it was to see and watch a happy bunch of children that played an amazing game together. I’ve never seen such great teamwork at such a young age. They were so pleased where they came 2nd: there were no tears or sadness. Also a big thank you to Mrs Sharp for being a great leader with all the kids listening and taking all instruction from her.”


Chinese New Year Activity Day

Last Friday all the children and adults at Brook celebrated Chinese New Year. Each class took part in a carousel of different activities including painting Chinese dragons and making lucky money envelopes, Chinese fans and dragon shadow puppets. When visiting Little Acorns class, children read the traditional Chinese tale of “The Dragon Painter” and created their own dragons using pencils, water colours, pastels and collage materials.