Forest School crafts

Mr Rumbold and his bunch of merry Year 3 children returned from Forest School yesterday with some beautiful forest-made crafts, which wouldn’t look out of place in a boutique!

Year 3 at Forest School

This week our Year 3 children did fire lighting and wood carving in the woods.

Fly, Eagle, Fly!

Last term Young Oaks class read “Fly, Eagle, Fly!”, a tale based in Africa about a farmer who raises a baby eagle with his chickens, until a friend tells him that the eagle should be flying rather than scrabbling on the ground with chickens.  The pupils made wings as part of their project work, and at this week’s Forest School session the Year 3 children did a ceremonial burning of the wings under the Forest School parachute.

Mr Rumbold also spent some time making charred punkwood.  This is in preparation for fire lighting with original flint and steel at a future sessions.  This method of fire lighting was used from 800BC (the start of the Iron Age) right through until 1826 when the friction match was invented.

Young Oaks visit Leeds Castle

Young Oaks children are studying birds this term, and as part of their learning they went on a trip to Leeds Castle. Pupils took part in a “Walk on the Wild Side” workshop in which they got to meet and learn about the birds of prey based at the venue, and made models.

We’re going on a cow hunt…

As part of World School Milk Day our children were sent on a hunt around the school looking for cows.

Big Acorns class then had a go at “milking a cow”: they used rubber gloves filled with milk in place of actual cow udders!

Meanwhile Young Acorns made some delicious butter.

Celebrating achievements

We know that as well as working hard at school, our pupils take part in lots of activities outside of school.  Young Oaks class is celebrating this by having an “achievements” display board.  Pupils can bring in their certificates, rosettes, medals etc., tell the class all about what they have been up to, and have their photos on display in the classroom.  Here are our first three achievers!

Living Land

Young Oaks enjoyed a day out at the Living Land exhibition this term.  The annual event is aimed at educating young children in the areas of farming, agriculture, countryside and healthy eating.

Our pupils got the opportunity to see and touch farm animals, taste local produce, see dancing sheep at the “Sheep Show”, Birds of Prey and many other displays and demonstrations. Most of the activities were interactive, and the children particularly enjoyed pressing fruit using cycle power, and stroking some of the animals.