Inspiration for a Disney character

In Young Oaks class, children learnt that Walt Disney was inspired to create the character of Mickey Mouse while gazing out of the window of a train.  The Young Oaks pupils then spent some time outside in the school grounds, looking for inspiration to create a Disney character of their own, which they then drew in their art books.

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French Day

Young Oaks children were lucky enough to have a specialist French teacher come in and spend the morning with us, giving us a taste of life as a French child. 

The day started with learning some new French vocabulary and playing lots of fun, interactive games to help us remember these words. After break we had the pleasure of trying some wonderful French foods, which the children did fantastically. Not only were they very polite with their pleases and thank yous, they were also very brave at trying lots of new foods. We then tried our hand at art, looking at Monet and trying to replicate some of his famous artwork. 

I was very proud of how the children behaved, and our visitor commented on how lovely Young Oaks were as a class. 

Miss Edwards

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Living Land Event

Young Oaks had a fantastic time on their school trip! We had the opportunity to do so    many wonderful things. We started the day with looking at all the machinery used on a farm, both in modern day times and throughout history. The class made some rope which we have proudly hung in our classroom. We then stroked some adorable animals which I am sure everyone will agree were very cute. 

Next came the shows: we watched a very amusing sheep show, which involved dancing sheep! Then a spectacular birds of prey show. 

After lunch we were able to taste lots of farm produce, where we cycled to make our own smoothies and watched the sausages being made before we ate them. 

The children and adults had a wonderful day! I am very proud of how well all the children behaved.  

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Easter Church Visit


Young Oaks had the pleasure of attending the church on Friday morning. We had the opportunity to listen to some stories from the bible and complete activities related to these tasks. The children did a fantastic job singing a song, led beautifully by Joshua. After this we ventured up the steep stairs to the priests’ room to learn some historical facts about the church. We were lucky enough to be up the tower at 11:00 when the bells rang. 

Miss Edwards, Miss Brown and Mr Shilling were all very proud of the children’s behaviour, and think they behaved as wonderful representatives of Brook Community Primary School. 

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Hockey successes

Brook recently took part in two hockey competitions: one for Years 3 and 4, and the other for Years 5 and 6.  Our teams did us proud, with Years 3 and 4 coming 13th out of 21 teams, and the Years 5 and 6 coming 8th out of 22 teams.  Our sports coach and staff had delivered a term of hockey training in PE lessons in the run-up to these competitions, and the training really paid off.  Well done everyone!



Year 4 Forest School

Today, children found an owl pellet at forest school.  They learnt that owls eat small rodents, birds and bugs, usually swallowing them whole, but that their stomachs can’t digest the fur, bones, teeth, feathers and insect shells.  These “leftover” parts are formed into a tight pellet inside the owl and then regurgitated by the owl more than 6 hours later.  Owls usually regurgitate one or two pellets each night, but they’re not the easiest things to spot. This is a fascinating find, as the children were able to see parts of what the owl had tried to eat, including a tooth!

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