Feedback from parents

At Brook Community Primary School we always welcome feedback from parents.

Parent testimonials taken from parent feedback during lockdown March to June 2020


I have been very impressed with the way that Brook Primary School have handled this difficult situation. A massive well done to the Headteacher and all the staff!
School communication is excellent. No complaints.


Couldn’t have asked for more to make this better than it already is. The school have enabled this to be seamless and easy.


I am so impressed with the platform that has been set up for XXX as it allows him to have a real sense of the classroom and take responsibility for his own learning. The virtual lessons are very much appreciated as are the range of subjects and tasks.
We are happy with home learning and this is going well.


Mr Stanley has been excellent.


I have friends with children in many of the other schools in Ashford who are bitterly disappointed with how they have been left to home school alone and so I just wanted to say Brook have been absolutely fantastic, perfect amount of work set, always on the ClassDojo or Google Classroom messaging service and it’ really made both myself and children still feel very much part of the school.


I cannot be grateful enough for your hard work and considerate and kind attitude.
Thanks for all your efforts over the last couple of weeks. I think it’s gone really well.
Thanks for all your hard work in setting everything up.


Not as if it has ever been a question but again a confirmation how good you all are at Brook: I heard from a friend that her child got the first home work today. When I enthusiastically told her all about the interesting and inspiring various tasks you are sending out she reminded me how blessed we are having you providing this amazing support to our children.


Thanks for your messages and even more for the inspiring activities you have set for XXX this week. Missing school so much now a whole half term has passed! Just wanted to let you know that yesterday’s geography lesson was proclaimed to be the best lesson ever!!! Thank you for all the fun.


I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done. I have four children from four different schools, 2 in secondary and 2 in primary, and your videos and work is the best of all.


I am so pleased that XXX has such a great school to return to when all of this is over.



Parent feedback and testimonials taken from the parent survey January 2020


Quality of Education


The School makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year – 97% agree
My child is given the opportunity to study the full, broad range of subjects at the school – 94% agree
My child is suitably challenged and supported in their work at the school – 97% agree
Brilliant support for both areas that my child excels in, and where additional support is needed. Thank you!


Behaviour and attitudes


The school has high expectations for pupils’ behaviour and conduct – 97% agree
My child has a positive attitude to their education at the school – 97% agree
My child has positive relationships with staff at the school – 100% agree
My child feels safe at the school – 100% agree


Personal Development


The school supports my child to become more confident, resilient and independent – 100% agree
The school supports my child to develop a healthy lifestyle – 100% agree
The school promotes equality of opportunity and diversity appropriately – 97% agree
The school provides my child with meaningful opportunities to understand how to be a responsible, respectful and active citizen – 97% agree
I feel the influence of older children is positive in encouraging through example.


Learning Outside of the Classroom


My child can take part in clubs and activities at this school – 94% agree
The school engages appropriately with parents and the local community – 94% agree
The school provides my child with meaningful opportunities for Learning Outside of the Classroom – 97% agree
The school provides my child with appropriate trips and/or visits to enhance learning – 97% agree
Love that children have opportunities outside the classroom, a big factor in our choice of this school was the ‘outdoorsy’ vibe.
Forest school and trips are wonderful.