Feedback from parents

At Brook School we always welcome feedback from parents.  Following is feedback received at our recent parents’ evening.

We are very happy with Brook School.

We love the setting, it is a very special place.  The boys get lots of support and amazing trips too – great stuff!

Lovely small school.  All the children are friendly and know one another.

The school is improving every day and I am happy with my children’s progress.  The teachers all work so terribly hard.

We love the school and are so happy for all the support for my son – thank you.

We really like the school.  Cannot really think of anything except that we had trouble with ordering the uniform and not knowing what the sizes would be like.

Mrs Hann and Mr Stanley are an amazing team who support and encourage our children’s learning – thank you.

Love the small school and the closeness.  Everyone knows everyone.

Children really enjoying the pre-school time in the playground.

We love the closeness of the class and the support he receives from Miss Lawson.

We are happy with our child’s progress.  School is positive experience for us as a family.

What’s great – family, warm and friendly feel.  Small intimate learning.  The ability to excel!  My child feels valued, quickly welcomed and settled.  Her teacher believes in her and therefore she wants to do well for them.

Good idea – having the Head Teacher stickers.

Outdoor music equipment is lovely.

Newsletter is very helpful and full of information.

New office layout looks great and professional.

School drop off in the mornings is good.

After school pick up and parking is still a problem, not sure how this can be resolved.

Lovely school.  Early drop off has helped with work times – thank you.

Weekly newsletter, not as long, to remind us silly busy parents! OR a text service reminding of special lunch, etc.

More practice time before taking part in out of school tournaments, e.g. Handball, Cross Country etc.

Children would like more outdoor play equipment.

Sports club or after school clubs please.

After school club please!  What a difference it would make – as it would mean I could sometimes collect the children.

After school clubs please!

More after school activities and possibly after school club please.

Book club, homework club, movies, sports? – Happy to help!

Following this feedback we have started to offer an after-school club every day.