Our Christmas Post Office

As part of our topic on “People who help us”, Little Acorns have been learning about people who deliver our post. Last Friday a lady called Jo who delivers our post at Brook School came in to talk to us about her job. She brought in some photos of the post office and the sorting office and also gave us some pre-paid envelopes so we could post some letters.

On Monday we made cards for our friends in the class and then we walked down to the Post Box in Brook village to post them. We are very excited to see if they get delivered to us today!

In class, we have made our role-play area into a Christmas Post Office. We used Jo’s photos to help us to know what a real post office looks like and we have been having lots of fun making cards, letters and parcels for each other. We have stuck stamps on our letters, posted them in our letter box and then pretended to deliver them.