Creative Curriculum

Our school is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The school encourages the use of outside learning in all areas of the curriculum. Our ‘Creative Curriculum’ encompasses a skills based approach to learning through Geography, History, Art and Design Technology. Each topic is carefully planned to ensure the progression of key skills across the school from Year 1 to Year 6. EYFS access the skills from the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework.  Each year group provides a broad range of first hand experiences. Curriculum experiences may provide the children with a ‘hook’ to initiate a topic or theme or visitors that further enhance the children’s knowledge and awareness of the topic. By seeing and doing the children are able to articulate and absorb the knowledge and skills that are imparted to them.

Over the year the outcome for each class’s creative work is presented as either an exhibition or a celebration assembly. Work is exhibited so that parents can come and share in our achievements.

We enable our pupils to succeed through challenging tasks and activities that encourage them to take risks. We develop their ability to think independently, enabling them to transfer their learning to all aspects of their life; preparing them for the future. We actively teach the skills needed to be a successful learner and reward these regularly.