Children at Brook access a broad range of computing resources and learning opportunities. They have access to and use our laptops, ipads and Chromebooks. We therefore see computing as embedded into teaching across the school. Computing skills are taught through all subject areas and children are given the opportunity to apply their skills in a broad range of contexts. Children have access at school and home to websites such as Skoolbo, Bug Club, Purple Mash and Mathletics.

Our children are growing up in a world where technology is developing at an increasingly rapid rate. They will need skills in the future of which we have little concept at present. They will need to be ‘lifelong learners’ with the confidence and ability to develop skills and understanding when meeting new challenges.

They will also need a critical and selective attitude to technology, in order that its use does not eclipse the social and practical skills which will always be fundamental.
Our vision is that computing at our school will enrich and enable: facilitating learning, contributing to creativity, streamlining administration and aiding communication.
We will provide a learning environment which contributes to the development of both technical and non-technical skills by giving the children suitable access to up-to-date equipment and technologies, and ensuring staff are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge.
We envisage technology as a tool to enhance our role as global citizens, to promote positive communication and reduce negative impacts on the environment of the planet our children will inherit.
Our vision is that these technologies will enrich and enable all members of our community, within and beyond the school’s boundaries, while recognizing that safe and appropriate access is a collaborative responsibility of home and school.
The safety of our children is paramount and will always be the first consideration in our use of computing, and in modeling and teaching appropriate use.
(With acknowledgements to St. Teresa’s Catholic School, Ashford, for the model upon which this is based.)
The following sites contain useful information on e-safety.   For adults who want to know more about how to keep our children safe on-line.   Know it all for parents.   e-safety tips, advice and resources  for reporting criminal online content  A great new site to download software to help children with reading and maths.