PE and Sports Premium

At Brook we enjoy our PE lessons and taking part in sport!

We are proud that children at Brook School get ample opportunities to take part in a variety of sporting activities.  Sports specialists visit the school twice a week, introducing children to new sports and activities and encouraging them to develop an enthusiasm for sport no matter what their specific interest or aptitude.

Brook School partakes in numerous local competitions between schools.  In one term alone our pupils competed in the following sport competitions/activities, in addition to their curriculum-based sport lessons: Volleyball, Athletics, Agility, Cross country, Handball, Gymnastics, Sports workshop and Sports young leader training.


PE and Sports Premium 2022-23


The allocation of PE and sports premium for this financial year 2022/2023 is TBC


Our Intention:

  • To ensure that children benefit from high quality Physical Education as part of the school curriculum and that staff benefit from continuing professional development;
  • To provide opportunities for competitive school sport for all children who wish to take part;
  • To encourage children to take part in School Sports and PE;
  • To identify, enthuse and engage with children and families who are less likely to choose sports and exercise as a lifestyle choice;
  • To increase the number of children who take part in after-school sports clubs by offering a wider range of activities;
  • To work in partnership with other organisations and school to maximise the potential of School Sports and PE;
  • To motivate pupils to participate in a range of sporting activities.
  • To educate pupils on making positive choices to lead healthy lifestyles
  • To develop pupil competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • To develop character, life skills and social connections

How we will implement this:

  • £TBC Sports coaches (2 half days per week)
  • £TBC After school sports clubs run by coaches
  • £TBC Bikeability (Y6)
  • £TBC Transport costs for coaches/minibuses to matches and Swimming

Intended Impact on pupils’ participation by July 2023:

  • 100% of pupils will participate in quality coaching during the school week.
  • All pupils will take part in at least one intra-school active competition and over two thirds of KS2 pupils will take part in inter school competitions. A third of EY/KS1 pupils will take part in competitions.
  • Two thirds of pupils in Years 1-6 to have taken part in an after school sports club.
  • 100% of pupils will take part in physical activity during Outdoor Adventurous Activities and sport themed weeks.
  • 100% of pupils will be inspired by more unusual sports which they may not otherwise have the opportunity to access.
  • Pupils will receive quality coaching and training in preparation for matches/competitions.
  • 100% of pupils will learn about making healthy mental and physical health choices


  • Teachers will be improving their skills in teaching PE and especially learning about new sports.
  • Children have been exposed to more PE and are more enthusiastic to participate in physical activity.
  • School is better resourced to continue teaching the variety of sports introduced.
  • Children will be motivated by competition to want to take part in more sports.
  • Outdoor Adventurous activities and sporting opportunities will support pupils’ mental and physical health
  • Pupils will learn to lead healthy lifestyles in their future lives

Please click on the document below to see details of our Government Sports Funding in the academic year 2021-2022, and its impact.

Evidencing the Impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium Brook 2021