Breakfast and After-School Clubs

The school is operational from 8.35am to 3.15pm.  We offer “wraparound” care from 7.45am to 5pm, on a chargeable basis.  Payment can be made online here (please contact the office if you do not have your log-in details).


Breakfast Club


Breakfast Club is open to all children enrolled at the school.  Mrs Brown organises various activities for each morning including craft work, investigating topical subjects (e.g. Chinese New Year), sporting activities and more.  The Club had an unannounced inspection by Kent County Council in 2017 and received the maximum score for hygiene.


The Club has 2 charging bands:


Arrive between 7.45am and 8.10am – when breakfast will be provided at a cost of £2.50 per day (or £10 for the whole week)
Arrive between 8:10am and 8.35am, no food will be available, at a cost of £1 per day (or £4 for the whole week)


Any child arriving at school before 8.35am will be asked to go through to Breakfast Club and parents will be charged according to the above rates.  This is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children, since staff are not available on the school playground before this time.


Sample menu


Toast with jam and marmalade is available every day, along with a range of cereals/porridge, fruit and juice.


Monday: Pancakes


Tuesday: Waffles


Wednesday: Crumpets


Thursday: Cheese toastie


Friday: Bacon roll (please pre-order)


After-School Club


After-School Club runs each day, and has two price bands: £2 until 4pm and £5 until 5pm.  Mrs Bridgestock runs the sessions and provides a variety of activities, such as Lego, origami, Chromebooks, painting and art and craft.


Some quotes from the children:


“After School Club is the most fun thing”


“I love After School Club because the activities are really fun to do”


“It’s always fun.”


“I like After School Club because you can make and create things with your imagination.”


“The Teaching Assistant who runs it is very fun and kind.”


“I really like After School Club.  It’s fun and you get to learn something.”


“It’s all really cool.”


“I like After School Club because it’s very fun because you can make stuff.”