Nurturing, Achieving & Growing Together


Our vision is to ensure that every child in our care achieves their full potential within a family centred environment where tolerance, respect and excellence are at the heart of everything we do.

Our school values are Aspiration, Determination, Respect and Fun, and we endeavour to embed them across all curriculum areas.

Our size is one of our greatest assets. It enables us to provide a nurturing, family atmosphere where all our pupils are valued as individuals and are taught according to their strengths and weaknesses, not just their age.

Our job is not just about giving every one of our children the very best education, but also inspiring them to become interested, curious, lifelong learners who relish the delights of discovery.  We provide a learning environment which contributes to the development of both technical and non-technical skills by giving our children suitable access to contemporary equipment and technologies, with staff who are equipped with up-to-date skills and knowledge.

We want every child in our school to be happy, feel cared for, valued and trusted. Within a creative and challenging curriculum, we seek to develop a culture where children gain the confidence and self-respect to take responsibility for their own learning and work hard to achieve their full potential.

While encouraging the family ethos that our small size makes possible, where children of different ages work and play together and look after one another, we also aim to be outward looking, working with the wider community to fully prepare our pupils for life in an increasingly culturally diverse society.

We want our school to provide an inspiring and enriching rural environment that is both safe and stimulating; a school that serves the needs of all our children, whatever their abilities. By fostering their curiosity, imagination, creativity and sense of self-worth, we aim to give all our children the inner resources to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

‘Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire’
W. B. Yeats