Ofsted Report

Our last Ofsted Report, on 1 October 2019, found that overall the school ‘Required Improvement’. Please click here to read the full report. 


Ofsted rated the school ‘Good’ in many areas, including our early years provision and our leadership and management, but the inspectors found that our work improving the curriculum had not progressed quickly enough. 


We were determined to face the challenges.  Since the inspection, we have redoubled our efforts to create a cohesive and progressive learning journey for every child at Brook school. 


During that time, we have welcomed Ofsted-appointed Improvement Advisors for regular visits. They have taken a positive view of our improvements to the curriculum. We are proud of the journey we have been on and we keenly await our next full Ofsted inspection. 


Some parents have given their views of the school on the Ofsted website using the Ofsted Parent View tool. To see these please click here.



Our latest Ofsted report is available here:

Brook CP School Ofsted Report



Please see some of the comments we have received regarding the school since our previous Ofsted inspection


Feedback from English IA

“Cohesion of your phonics programme across the school is very clear, as is its implementation; your discussion and training have paid off; keep it going.”


Progress and Impact visit from Senior Improvement Advisor for Kent and School Improvement Advisor in May 2021

“The school has used 12 key concepts to create coherence between different subjects within the school’s curriculum. They have engaged a range of stakeholders, including parents, in the identification of these key concepts which are also explored as part of the school’s ‘philosophy for children’ learning.”


“Across the school, there is a good range of evidence of a broad curriculum. Teachers’ assessments are ensuring that children make progress.”


“The outdoor environment has developed well over the past year and the school is making the very best use of the space within the grounds; e.g. forest school, which includes a roundhouse, zipwire, new growing area for Year 5/6, raised beds for classes and pond area.”


“The curriculum has been designed by the staff at the school. Leaders report that it reflects the scope and ambition of the national curriculum whilst also reflecting the school’s context, including specific barriers to learning.” Progress and Impact report – May 2021


“Overall, books evidence children rising to teachers’ expectations in terms of concentration, learning stamina and outcomes. Year 5/6 books show the strongest progress since the children’s return.” Progress and Impact Report – May 2021


“Leaders and teachers have high expectations of children’s behaviour and the children rise to this. As a result, behaviour across the school is good.” Progress and Impact Report May 2021


“The year R pupils were enjoying time in forest school. The freedom and independence that this affords the children is clearly good for their wellbeing” Progress and Impact report May 2021