Saplings – Village Walk and Forest School

Over the past few weeks, Saplings have been getting out and about into the local area and learning about our village. We have been lucky with the weather and even luckier to learn that we live and learn in such a beautiful place.


Geography – Sketch map walk

Last week, we tested the sketch maps we created in our Geography learning to see how accurate they were, with a walk through Brook Village. Whilst we had got most of the details, there were a few differences – such as the vanishing phone box! It was great to get out and have a walk up and down the hill to see the village for ourselves and to use this experience to improve our sketch maps.











Science – What living things need to live and grow

On Wednesday, as part of their time at Forest School, children reflected upon their science learning on animals, including humans. We put ourselves in the shoes of the wildlife in the woods and looked for air (which was the easiest to find), water (which meant getting muddy) and food (we were surprised at what we could find in the woods). We also thought hard at how these animals could take shelter, by creating our own nests and burrows for them. We thought hard about how to stay warm and dry as well as away from predators. Some of the children were even able to make shelter for humans too!


The children have been great representatives of the school on both occasions by showing our key values of care, courage and creativity when out and about in the village. Well done to you all for setting such a great example!


A massive thank you to all of our volunteers who have made these visits possible.


Miss Callan and Mrs Sharp